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NatCorder - Video Recording API

NatCorder is a lightweight, easy-to-use, full-feature video recording API for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. With NatCorder, you can record the screen, a specific game camera, a texture, raw pixel data, and so on. You can also record game audio from audio sources, listeners, and custom sources. NatCorder is heavily optimized for speed with a low memory footprint. Features include:

- Blazing fast. NatCorder is heavily optimized performance following from design breakthroughs we made when developing NatCam.

- Record anything! By anything, I mean anything and everything that can be rendered into a texture. Whether it’s a game view, UI, a camera, or a texture—?NatCorder can record it.

- Custom resolutions. Record with resolutions as high as Full HD (1920x1080) and even higher on devices that support it.

- Control quality. Optimize the recording for file size or bandwidth by specifying the recording bitrate and keyframe interval.

- Record animated GIF's. In addition to recording MP4 videos, NatCorder can record animated GIF images on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

- AR support. NatCorder has full support for Vuforia, ARCore, and ARKit.

- Full access. NatCorder will record directly to the application documents directory and provide the path to the video.

- Offline Recording. NatCorder supports recording in a for-loop. This is especially useful for transcoding applications.

- Experimental WebGL support. NatCorder also comes with an experimental WebGL backend that runs on most modern browsers.

-Experimental HEVC support. NatCorder has experimental support for recording with the H.265 HEVC codec on iOS, macOS, and Windows.

- Lightweight package. The API is specifically designed not to add unnecessary baggage or overhead to your project.

Check out the forum here.

Check out the written tutorials:
1. Unity Recording Made Easy
2. Audio Workflows

- Unity 2018.3+
- Android: API Level 21+
- iOS: iOS 11+
- Windows: Windows 10+, 64-bit only
- macOS: macOS 10.13+
- WebGL: Chrome 47+, Safari 27+, Firefox 25+

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