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NatCorder - Video Recording API

NatCorder is a lightweight, easy-to-use, full-feature video recording API for iOS and Android. With NatCorder, you can record the screen, part of the screen, a specific camera, a texture, and so on. You can also record game audio from audio sources, listeners, and custom sources. NatCorder is heavily optimized for speed with a low memory footprint. Features include:

- Blazing fast. NatCorder is heavily optimized performance following from design breakthroughs we made when developing NatCam.

- Record anything! By anything, I mean anything and everything that can be rendered into a texture. Whether it’s a game view, UI, a camera, a texture, or anything else?—?NatCorder can record it.

- Custom resolutions. Record with resolutions as high as Full HD (1920x1080) and even higher on devices that support it.

- Control quality. Optimize the recording for file size or bandwidth by specifying the recording bitrate and keyframe interval.

- Record animated GIF's. In addition to recording MP4 videos, NatCorder can record animated GIF images on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

- AR support. NatCorder's screen recording has full support for AR apps and games.

- Full access. NatCorder will record directly to the application documents directory and provide the path to the video.

- Super simple. Record videos with as little as two API calls: StartRecording and StopRecording.

- macOS support. NatCorder comes with a full native macOS backend. As a result, you can use NatCorder's full functionality in both the Unity Editor on macOS, and in standalone macOS builds.

- Windows support. NatCorder comes with a native Windows backend that works both in the Unity Editor on Windows and in standalone Windows builds.

- Experimental WebGL support. NatCorder also comes with an experimental WebGL backend that runs on most modern browsers.

- Lightweight package. The API is specifically designed not to add unnecessary baggage or overhead to your project.

Check out the full documentation here.

Check out the forum here.

Check out the written tutorials:
1. Unity Recording Made Easy
2. Audio Workflows

- Android: API Level 23+
- iOS: iOS 8+
- Windows: Windows 8+
- macOS: macOS 10.13+
- WebGL: Chrome 47+, Safari 27+, Firefox 25+

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