Professional Drone Pack + Drone Controller (VR, PC, Mobile, Gamepad)

Use YOUR OWN custom models!
Get FULL SourceCode access!

This package contains:
• 4 PHYSICS scripted drone models!
• 4 PBR skin variations for each!
• CUSTOMIZABLE behavior scripts!
• CUSTOMIZABLE sound effects!
• A test map with DAY and NIGHT!
• Mobile, Gamepad, & OpenVR Supported

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(windows desktop demo)

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Script Details:

* Contains user-friendly drone behavior scripts (complete with source code) allowing you to adjust values like...
• acceleration speed
• deceleration speed
• rise / lower speed
• forward / backward speed
• strafe speed
• turn sensitivity
• stability
• propeller count and spin speed
• and much more!

* Drones use real-time RigidBody Physics!
• will collide with other rigidbodies
• can be affected by outside forces
• can fall after hard collisions

* Script also contains an assortment of "ReadOnly" Variables to allow for...
• easy script extensions and modifications
• view real-time calculations and data from drones

Model Details:

* Contains 4 high quality drone models complete with full 4K PBR maps including
• albedo/diffuse maps
• ambient occlusion maps
• emissive maps
• normal maps
• metallic/gloss maps
• +BONUS animated materials

* Each Drone is an ORIGINAL design inspired by actual models
• Toad model (RC quadcopter)
• BumbleBee model (camera hexagon drone)
• UFO model (flying saucer)
• Quad model (phantom drone)

• Custom Drone Prefab (works with any model/mesh)
(for more info on how to use this pack with a custom model, please watch quick setup video)

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*Please Note: The VR demos in this pack are setup to use the OpenVR sdk, which has been marked as a Legacy system by Unity versions 2019.3 and up (it is still possible to run the demos in newer versions of unity but if you intend to use the OpenVR sdk it is recommended that you use unity version 2019.2 or below)