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PathFinder 3D

PathFinder 3D is fast and easy-to-use solution for pathfinding in the real 3D space. We make it possible by using a specially modified version of an A* pathfinding algorithm or wave-trace algorithm

Implemented features:
- Ability of pathfinding in three-dimensional space of any complexity and size;
-Multi-leveled spatial graph
- Ease of tuning and using;
- High pathfinding performance;
- Use of multithreading. All necessary computations are being executed in parallel threads;
- There is an ability to optimize and smoothen the found trajectory;
- Built-in solution for moving along the found path;
- Built-in solution for pursuing moving targets;
- Ability to choose between more fast search and less length of the way;
- Demonstrative examples of using;
- Full documentation and user’s manual;
- There are lots of user API functions that make control of pathfinding and object moving more easy;
- There are a state machine and event system, which allows us to control object easier;
- Tool for serializing/deserializing spatial graph;
- Multiple spatial graph levels with different cells size.

Features to be implemented:
- Implementation of local avoidance;
- Implementation of dynamic obstacles;
- Improving path optimization algorithms;
- Expanding user API.

This solution is best suitable for:
- Aircraft control;
- Spaceship control;
- Smart birds, flies and dragons control;
- Homing missiles and etc.

PLEASE NOTE that our solution is not suitable for controlling objects that cannot fly!

Attention! The asset DOES NOT compatible with following platforms: UWP, WebGL. Support for these platforms may be implemented in the future.

Following on this link, you can view the forum thread devoted to the asset. On our website you can download a demo to see the PathFinder 3D in action!